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  • Anatolian Honey

What we are doing

Specialty foods from different regions of the world.

Asfa Food is the broker of special tastes from Anatolia, Balkans, Caucasia and the Mediterranean.
Our expertise is the food made with natural, healthy and tasty recipes from selected producers.
We offer a wide range of basic specialties from cheese to pasta, specialty tastes from cooked meals to sweets.
We have a network of high capacity producers for your orders with producers’ labels or your private label.
We are suppliers of a wide variety of natural and specialty foods with a focus on ANATOLIAN, BALKAN, CAUCASIAN, AEGEAN, MEDITERRANEAN tastes. We have a high capacity of Private Label production with our strong producers network, which are mainly in Turkey, having a wide range and volume of natural and quality food production.

Our major products are as shown below in alphapetical order;

  • Cheese,
  • Fruit juices,
  • Honey & jam,
  • Nuts and dried fruits,
  • Olives and olive oil,
  • Pasta and semolina,
  • Ready meals – (“ready to eat” Anatolian, Balkan, Caucasian, Mediterranean food),
  • Ready hot drinks (“ready to drink” hot chocolate, coffee & tea varieties in cups),
  • Ready soups (“ready to drink” soup varieties in cups).

… and many other natural tastes like canned/preserved foods, pulses, sarrron (in sprayer), seafood, snacks, sweets & confectionery, tea & coffee are being added to our product portfolio.

Finally, our company serves the customers with supply & export function in Turkey, and with import & distribution function in New Jersey, US. According to your decision and the volume/frequency of orders, we can deliver the products
-either directly from production to your warehouse anywhere in United States,
-or from our New Jersey warehouse to your warehouse anywhere in United States.

Please let us know your interest on the products above, so we can send you samples to experience the quality of natural foods with tastes and recipes from Anatolia, Balkans, Caucasia and the Mediterranean. Then we can discuss about the details of packaging types and sizes, labeling, trademark, volume, prices, etc.